This month in the National Redress Scheme – February 2019

State and Territory update

In February 2019, the final state of South Australia joined the Scheme making it a truly national Scheme. This means that applications for redress for eligible people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse in government institutions across Australia can be processed.

Institution update

The following institutions joined the Scheme in February:

  1. Anglican Diocese of Adelaide
  2. Baptist Churches Western Australia
  3. Baptist Churches Tasmania
  4. Christian Brothers
  5. De La Salle Brothers
  6. Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea
  7. Jewish Care (Victoria) Inc.
  8. The Legacy Club of Brisbane Limited
  9. Marist Brothers Australia
  10. Moore Theological College Council
  11. St Andrew’s House Corporation

When an institution has completed all the necessary steps to join the Scheme, the list of these institutions is updated on the Search for Institutions that have joined the Scheme page on this website. An interactive map is also now available on this website for users to choose a state or territory from the map, to find out what institutions have joined in your area.

The Scheme also released a list of institutions who have not yet joined the Scheme on this website. This list is available on the institutions not yet joining the Scheme page. This list provides information and transparency for people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse that may be considering applying for redress.

Application update

As at 28 February 2019:

  • The Scheme received over 3,000 applications.
  • 88 Redress payments have been made.
  • In addition, a further 22 offers have been made, applicants have six months to consider their offer.
  • The average Redress payment amount is around $82,000.

Support Services

Redress Support Services are available to help people understand the Scheme, provide emotional support and guide people through the application process. A list of support services is available.

Those who need immediate emotional support can contact: