What if you want to apply while in gaol?

To start the exceptional circumstances process, you will need to complete the Applying from Gaol Additional Information Form and return it to the Scheme.  

The Applying from Gaol Additional Information Form requires you to fill in two parts:

Part A: to confirm information you may have already provided to the Scheme (if you have also submitted an application with the additional information form), we need it again so we can start this process.

Part B: asks you to tell us about your exceptional circumstances you would like considered as part of this process. Please detail the reasons your application should be accepted from gaol, instead of when you are released.

The Scheme Operator will consider this information and then determine if any exceptional circumstances exist that would justify your application being made from gaol.

Before making a decision, the Scheme Operator may be required to seek advice from the Attorneys-General where you are currently serving your gaol term and where you experienced abuse.