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Service Charter Survey

The Department of Social Services is working to address Recommendation 2.1 of the second year review of the National Redress Scheme, co-developing and implementing a charter to drive improvements to the applicant experience of the Scheme. The charter will also help to enhance the Scheme’s transparency and accountability.

This work is being done with the assistance of The Social Deck who are facilitating the co-development process and consulting closely with a range of stakeholders.

As part of this process, The Social Deck is conducting a survey with people who have accessed the Scheme, those who may access it in the future, and those who support people accessing the Scheme.

The Social Deck is responsible for collating responses, and will only provide a summary of the main themes of all survey responses to the Scheme to assist in the creation of the service charter. The Department of Social Services will not see, collect or store individual responses.

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Further information about The Social Deck is available at their website: