Independent Decision Makers

Independent Decision Makers consider applications for redress, make decisions and conduct reviews. Independent Decision Makers are highly experienced people from a range of backgrounds.

Independent Decision Makers are required to undergo a multi-stage selection process, commencing with their nomination by State, Territory and Commonwealth Governments. Independent Decision Maker candidates are then subject to screening and vetting processes including police checks, before being put forward for approval by the Minister’s Redress Scheme Governance Board for appointment to the position of Independent Decision Maker.

Independent Decision Makers are required to disclose any actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest in relation to their work prior to their appointment, and at any time while carrying out their role. Independent Decision Makers do not assess applications from the state or territory where they live, and/or applications relating to any participating institution where they have a known professional or personal connection, including board memberships and voluntary employment.


Independent Decision Makers

Last published 17 April 2024

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Independent Decision Maker
Independent Decision makers will consider applications for redress. They are highly experienced people from a range of backgrounds.
If you do not agree with a decision we make, you can ask us to look at it again. This is done by a different Independent Decision Maker.