Application pack

This page has everything you may need to apply for redress.

  • the Application for Redress form – please complete the form with as much information as possible.
  • a separate Part 2 of the application form – if applying for redress for more than one institution, you must complete a new Part 2 in full for each institution.
  • the Application Guidebook – it contains information about the Scheme and advice on each question in the application.
  • forms to appoint a nominee – if you need or would like support speaking with the Scheme or managing your application, you can appoint someone you know and trust or a Redress Support Service as your nominee.

Please note: To use the Fillable PDF application form, Fillable PDF Part 2 form, and Fillable PDF nominee form, you must first download them to your desktop. They cannot be completed in a web browser. For more information, visit Fillable forms.

There is also more information and an additional form to complete for Serious Criminal Convictions.

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