Institutions intending to participate in the National Redress Scheme

It is important to note the following institutions have not yet joined the Scheme. They are, however, working with the Department of Social Services to join the National Redress Scheme and are engaged in the administrative processes required in order to be declared participating institutions. It is also important to note that this list includes both institutions who have been named in applications, and institutions who have not been named in applications.

These institutions have agreed that their name be publicly listed. The list is not exhaustive; there are other institutions also working with the Department to join the Scheme. It also may not specify all names used by an institution, for example each school or home operated.

  • Belnorth Football Club
  • Boopa Werem Kindergarten Association Inc
  • Christian Schools Tasmania
  • Church of Christ Kalgoorlie
  • Co-ordinated Support Services
  • Cricket Victoria
  • The Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community International Incorporated
  • Gymnastics Australia
  • Gymnastics Victoria
  • Illawarra Suburbs Lawn Tennis Association
  • Kath Dickson Family Centre Ltd
  • The Knights of the Southern Cross (Vic) Inc.
  • Launceston PCYC
  • Little Athletics Australia
  • Lives Lived Well
  • Mercy Health and Aged Care Central Queensland Limited
  • Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Mary, Queen of the World
  • Moreton Bay Boys’ College
  • Moreton Bay College
  • MSI Australia
  • NET Ministries
  • Northern Illawarra Family Day Care Scheme Inc
  • Norwood Flames Basketball Club
  • Pathfinders Limited
  • Queensland Blue Light Association Incorporated
  • Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-Operative
  • Southern Highlands Christian School
  • South Australian Christian Endeavour Inc
  • Swim Centres Pty Limited (Carlile Swimming)
  • Sydney Stepping Stone Inc.
  • Taldumande Youth Services
  • Tomaree Board of Christian Education
  • Transdev Australasia Pty Ltd
  • Ursuline Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Australia
  • Water Polo SA
  • Weeroona Bay Football Club
  • West Coast Youth and Community Support Inc
  • Winjan Aboriginal Corporation

To find out which institutions have already joined the Scheme you can search on the Search for Institutions that have joined the Scheme page. This search includes the local sites of all participating institutions, including, for example, individual schools and homes.

To find out which institutions are unable to join the Scheme, go to institutions that are unable to participate in the National Redress Scheme. To find out which institutions named in the Royal Commission or an application that have not yet signified their intent to join the Scheme, go to the institutions that have not joined or signified their intent to join page.