Institutions that are unable to participate in the National Redress Scheme

The following institutions have worked collaboratively with the Department of Social Services in an attempt to join the National Redress Scheme (the Scheme) but, at this stage, are unable to meet the legislative requirements of the National Redress Act. These institutions will not, at this stage, be subject to financial consequences.

To join, as required under the legislation, institutions must demonstrate their capacity to pay redress for current and any possible future applicants over the life of the Scheme. They must further demonstrate how they will provide a meaningful Direct Personal Response, provide details of current and historic institutional information, complete relevant training and sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Social Services.

These institutions submitted the necessary documentation to join the Scheme. Following thorough consideration of this documentation, they were assessed by the department as being unable to join the Scheme based on the current requirements of the legislation. Close contact will remain with these organisations to determine how they might be able to participate in the Scheme in the future. Importantly, should the institutions’ circumstances change in the future, the Department of Social Services will work with the institutions to assist them to complete the necessary steps to participate in the Scheme. Such changes may include access to other funding sources, joining under a group structure, or reassessment of their financial capabilities.

  • Albert Park Junior Basketball Association Inc
  • Ballarat City Rowing Club
  • Ballarat Memorial Concert Band
  • Bayside Adolescent Boarding Incorporated Inc
  • Burnie United Football Club
  • Clovelly Eagles Junior Rugby Union Football Club
  • Ebenezer Home
  • Ginninderra Cricket Club
  • Hobart Christadelphian Ecclesia
  • Inglewood Kiev Soccer Club
  • Lakes Entrance Pony Club Inc
  • Marks Point Mission Community Church
  • Mordialloc Sailing Club
  • Mt Lilydale Basketball Club
  • Mulgrave Basketball, Cairns
  • North West Youth Accommodation Service
  • Plumpton Community Church
  • Portsea Camp
  • Sandgate Tennis
  • The Society for Providing Services for Neglected and Needy Children Inc.
  • Teen Challenge Queensland
  • Toowoomba International Christian Church
  • Townsville Basketball Association
  • TRY Australia
  • Tunnel Ridge Ranch Association Inc.
  • Wildcats Basketball, Waverley

Redress support services

Survivors can continue to access free Redress Support Services through the Scheme. Services can provide practical and emotional support before, during and after applying for redress.

A list of redress support services is available here.