Institutions that have joined the Scheme

Institutions must agree to join the National Redress Scheme so they can provide redress to people who experienced child sexual abuse in relation to their institution.

All state and territory governments as well as the Commonwealth have joined the Scheme, and over 500 non-government institutions have joined the Scheme since July 2018. Collectively, these institutions cover approximately 71,000 sites such as churches, schools, homes, charities and community groups across Australia.

For non-government institutions, the process of joining the Scheme includes several steps. This means there may be a delay between the time that an institution announces it will join the Scheme, and the time that applications relating to those institutions can be processed. The Scheme is working very closely with institutions to help them join as quickly as possible.

Institutions must provide a list of their current and historic physical locations. For some large and longstanding institutions the list can be extensive. Institutions must also establish that they are operationally ready. This involves confirming how they will structure themselves, resolving to participate, completing training provided by the Department of Social Services, and demonstrating their capacity to pay for redress and to deliver direct personal responses.

You can make an application for redress at any time, but applications cannot be assessed until the responsible institution, or institutions, have fully joined the Scheme. They need to complete all the necessary steps.

Once you have made an application, the National Redress Scheme will contact you to acknowledge receipt of the application and provide initial guidance on the process. This guidance will include information about whether the institution, or institutions, have fully joined the Scheme.

How will I know which institutions have completed all the steps to join the Scheme?

When an institution has completed all the necessary steps to join the Scheme, the list of institutions is updated on the 'Search for Institutions that have joined the Scheme' page on this website.

Choose a state or territory from the map below to find out which institutions have joined in your area.

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Institutions that have joined the Scheme

Last published 15 September 2023

Words used on this page

The application is available online or by paper. You can make an application at any time between now and 30 June 2027.
An institution means an organisation, such as a school, a church, parish, mission, a club, an orphanage or Children’s Home; or government department.
Institutional Child Sexual Abuse
When the child sexual abuse occurred, for example, on the premises of an institution, or where activities of an institution took place (such as a camp), or by an official of an institution.
National Redress Scheme
The Australian Government set up the National Redress Scheme to provide redress to people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse. The offer of redress can include: access to counselling, a redress payment and a direct personal response.
Non-government institution
An institution or organisation that is not run by a government. May include, churches, charities, schools, and sporting clubs.
Redress means acknowledging harm done. The National Redress Scheme provides counselling, a direct personal response and a Redress payment.
The National Redress Scheme for people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse. See National Redress Scheme.