Information about the Scheme and the application process

Resources for survivors

Resources are available to help support people who experienced child sexual abuse in institutions such as a school, church, mission, orphanage, foster care, hospital, detention centre or a sporting club. 

Download documents with key information about the National Redress Scheme

Overview of the scheme 

Applying for redress

What happens once you've applied?

Legal information

Applying from Gaol

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Order printed products

You can order products to be sent to you at no cost.

Hardcopy publications are available to order through National Mailing and Marketing by emailing or calling 1800 050 009 and providing the relevant Product Number and your delivery address.

View the full list of products available to order.

Legal support and financial counselling

For free, confidential legal support and financial counselling you can contact knowmore Legal Service on 1800 605 762.

Hearing and speech communication support

If you are d/Deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech communication difficulty you can use the National Relay Service (NRS) to contact the department.

The NRS has specially trained staff called relay officers who act as a ‘relay’ or a bridge between people who are d/Deaf hard of hearing or have speech communication difficulty, and the person or organisation they are calling.

The Access Hub website has instructions for many different relay methods including:

  • TTY (Speak and Read, Type and Listen, Type and Read)
  • Voice relay
  • NRS chat
  • Video relay
  • NRS captions
  • SMS Relay

Visit the Access Hub website to find a relay method that works for you.