NSW Redress Support Services

Redress Support Services (RSS) are specialist, trauma-informed, culturally safe, survivor centred services. Free, confidential, practical and emotional support is available before, during and after people make, or consider making, an application to the National Redress Scheme. RSS can refer survivors to knowmore for free legal advice and financial counselling, as well as other community services as needed.

RSS offer face-to-face, online and telephone support, noting operating hours are local time.

ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service (ADACAS)

Armidale Family Support Service Inc. - New England Family Support Service (NEFSS)

Care Leavers Australasia Network Incorporated (CLAN)

Full Stop Australia


Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC)

Link-Up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation

People with Disability Australia (PWDA)

Relationships Australia Canberra & Region (RACR) (Riverina, Southern NSW and NSW South Coast)

Relationships Australia New South Wales - Wattle Place

Rosie’s Place

Survivors & Mates Support Network (SAMSN)

The Buttery

The Women’s Cottage

Women’s Activities and Self-Help House (WASH House)

ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service (ADACAS)

ADACAS provides advocacy support for people with disability, people experiencing mental ill health and older people. Support is available to assist people with their application to the National Redress Scheme.

Bi-lingual advocates are available who can support clients to access the Scheme in Spanish, Hebrew and Japanese.

Face-to-face and telephone is available, and ADACAS can travel to meet clients within the South Coast.

ADACAS provides information and education/awareness-raising about the Scheme, and referrals.

ADACAS is also supporting people to engage with and make their submissions to the Disability Royal Commission in the South Coast.

Primary locations: Batemans Bay, NSW and Weston, ACT

Outreach locations: South Coast and the ACT

Phone: (02) 6242 5060

Email/online contact: adacas@adacas.org.au

Website: http://www.adacas.org.au

Operating hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Armidale Family Support Service Inc. - New England Family Support Service (NEFSS)

NEFSS is a confidential, people-centred service, with experienced staff who can refer people to a range of individualised and holistic support services. This includes assisting people to engage with the National Redress Scheme during all the steps of the redress process, including initial enquiries, preparing applications, and ongoing assistance. NEFSS offers information, referrals, advocacy, and provides therapeutic support throughout the process.

NEFSS provides this service in Armidale, Guyra and Walcha Hubs, and the Uralla Community Neighbourhood Centre. Support services are offered by outreach to Tamworth and across the New England North in person or via telephone and other online services.

If you live in New England North-West and have experienced institutional child sexual abuse, please contact us for assistance. NEFSS is a confidential, people-centred service, and our experienced staff can refer you to a range of individualised and holistic support services to ‘walk with you’ throughout your engagement with the Scheme.

Primary locations: Armidale, Guyra, Uralla, and Walcha

Outreach locations: Tamworth and across New England North

Phone: (02) 6772 7243 or 0450 437 068

Email/online contact: redress@familysupport.org.au

Website: https://www.familysupport.org.au

Operating hours: 9.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday

Care Leavers Australasia Network Incorporated (CLAN)

CLAN is a specialist service run by Care Leavers, for Care Leavers and their families. All staff are both Care Leaver informed, and trauma informed. For Care Leavers engaging with the National Redress Scheme, CLAN can offer support throughout the entire National Redress Scheme process, including assistance completing the redress application form, support, advocacy and counselling, as well as assistance with accessing records.

CLAN offers national telephone counselling and support, as well as face-to-face support in Bankstown, Melbourne and Geelong.

Primary locations: Bankstown, NSW. Melbourne and Geelong, Victoria

Outreach locations: National via online and telephone support

Phone: 1800 008 774, (02) 9709 4520 or 0425 204 747

Email/online contact: support@clan.org.au

Website: http://www.clan.org.au

Operating hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Full Stop Australia

The National Sexual Abuse and Redress Support Service is available 24 hours 7 days a week, providing telephone counselling with trauma specialist counsellors. Support includes counselling, information, referrals, and practical support to access the National Redress Scheme. Support and information are also extended to family, friends and colleagues. The trauma specialist counsellors provide debriefing and support to mitigate the risks associated with vicarious trauma for frontline workers involved in the National Redress Scheme.

National services are provided through the telephone line and scheduled video counselling appointments. Face-to-face counselling support is provided in some locations in NSW.

Telephone counselling and redress support are also available for eligible clients who are in correctional facilities.

Primary locations: Balmain, Leichhardt, Liverpool, Penrith, Albury, Lismore, Wyoming

Outreach locations: Various locations across NSW can be arranged on request.

Phone: 1800 385 578 (Full Stop Australia) or 1800 211 028 (Sexual Abuse and Redress Support Service Line)

Email: intake@fullstop.org.au

Website: www.fullstop.org.au

Operating hours: The telephone line operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Scheduled video counselling and face-to-face counselling by appointment only.


Interrelate provides a holistic approach to support clients from the beginning to the end of the National Redress Scheme process. This includes offering information, referral, support and advocacy in completing the application, while also offering therapeutic support throughout the process. Support includes transitioning clients to ongoing counselling and for a direct personal response.

Primary locations: Central West, Far West and Orana, Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Phone: 1300 473 528

Email/online contact: interrelate@interrelate.org.au

Website: http://www.interrelate.org.au

Operating hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday
Evening and weekend appointments are available if required.
Face-to-face, telephone and online (zoom) appointments are available.

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC)

KBHAC is a Stolen Generations’ survivor led Aboriginal Corporation of excellence and a National Disability Insurance Scheme registered provider that has developed a unique survivor led approach to its governance and healing.

Kinchela Boys Home survivors own their stories and healing, leading from a place of self-determination. There is a survivor led approach to organisational governance and practice built on and informed by the guidance and unique insights of survivors. This contributes to the social and emotional wellbeing of survivors, their communities, and cultures.

KBHAC is committed to empowering positive, healthy survivor led support models that enable greater inclusion in community life. These models address the rebuilding and strengthening of identity and family structures. We provide trauma informed supports and person-centred, family focused programs in Sydney and Kempsey. Our focus is KBH survivors, their descendants and families who live across NSW and inter-state. We also work with other Stolen Generations survivors, their descendants and families and other Aboriginal and non-Indigenous Australians.

Primary locations: Waterloo, Kempsey

Phone: (02) 9051 1690 or (02) 6533 1840

Email/online contact: redress@kbhac.org.au

Website: https://kinchelaboyshome.org.au

Operating hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Link-Up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation

Link-Up (NSW) supports the healing journeys of those removed, delivering professional, culturally sensitive and confidential research, reunions and Social, Emotional and Wellbeing services to those over the age of eighteen.

Link-Up (NSW) has been supporting Aboriginal people on their healing journeys for over 40 years. We support survivors of child sexual abuse who are thinking about making an application to the National Redress Scheme.

We can:

  • have a yarn with you about what happened.
  • provide you with counselling on this journey.
  • provide you with information about the NRS and the different paths you can take.
  • help you fill out the NRS application form.
  • assist you with getting access to your records.
  • link you up with other services or legal advice.
  • act as your ‘assistance nominee’.

Primary locations: Ropes Crossing

Outreach locations: All areas in NSW

Phone: (02) 7227 1443

Email/online contact: Linkup@nsw.link-up.org.au

Website: http://www.linkupnsw.org.au

Operating hours: 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

People with Disability Australia (PWDA)

PWDA provides free, trauma informed and confidential support to people with disability (including mental health) who are considering applying for the National Redress Scheme.

People are supported face-to-face where possible across NSW and Queensland, and nationally by online and telephone support.

Accessible information and disability aware support is provided throughout the entire redress and Direct Personal Response process, including providing information about other options so that you can make informed choices. Assisted and supported referrals to other services are provided if needed.
PWDA can also assist with separate disability advocacy matters.

Our friendly staff are highly experienced in working with people with disability who are survivors of childhood institutional sexual assault, and utilise holistic, trauma informed and capacity building approaches.

Primary locations: Sydney

Outreach locations: Regional and remote areas of NSW, and also Queensland

Phone: 1800 422 015, 0434 692 845, or TTY 1800 422 016

Email/online contact: pwd@pwd.org.au

Website: https://pwd.org.au

Operating hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Relationships Australia Canberra & Region (RACR) (Riverina, Southern NSW and NSW South Coast)

RACR provides casework, practical support, counselling and outreach services to people who have experienced institutionalised child sexual abuse.

The Dhunlung Yarra team are available to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants in a culturally safe way. RACR has expertise in supporting our older generations, people living with disability, in remote areas or who have experienced domestic or family violence.

Support is available before, during and after people make, or consider making, an application to the Scheme. Support is offered through face-to-face, outreach, online, and telephone support.

This includes guidance and practical support to complete an application and other support to help people through their journey with the Scheme.

Services are inclusive and tailored to meet the needs of all people.

Primary locations: Wagga Wagga, NSW and ACT

Outreach locations: Batemans Bay, Bega, Goulburn, Cootamundra, Culcairn, Griffith, Moruya, Temora, Tumut, Young
Outreach services can be provided to other locations upon request.

Phone: 1300 364 277

Email/online contact: Contact — Relationships Australia Canberra and Region (racr.org.au)

Website: http://www.racr.org.au

Operating hours: 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday
Extended hours available until 6.30pm on Tuesdays.

Relationships Australia New South Wales - Wattle Place

Wattle Place provides trauma informed support, counselling, casework, information and referral for people who experienced child sexual abuse in an institution. This includes providing support to people thinking about applying to the National Redress Scheme.

The Wattle Place team have over 10 years’ experience supporting people whose lives have been affected by child sexual abuse and experienced ‘care’ in institutions, orphanages, children’s homes and foster homes.

If you feel Wattle Place is the right service for you, we can support you to complete an application to the Scheme if you choose, while also offering therapeutic supports throughout. Support can also include assisting to access counselling in your local area.

Support at Wattle Place is available throughout your interaction with the Scheme including support while accessing a Direct Personal Response.

How we support is up to you, face-to-face, telephone, online and through outreach services.

Wattle Place is located in Parramatta, with outreach services available in other areas of NSW.

Please contact us to discuss options of Wattle Place visiting you in your region or connecting with local services to support you.

Primary locations: Parramatta

Outreach locations: Regional locations across NSW, including Aged Care Residences, Hospitals, and correctional facilities (for people who are eligible)

Phone: 1800 663 844 (Freecall in NSW) or (02) 8837 7000 (outside NSW)

Email/online contact: wattleplace@ransw.org.au

Website: http://www.wattleplace.org.au

Operating hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Rosie’s Place

Rosie’s Place is a counselling and support service for children, young people and their families who have been subjected to violence. Specifically sexual assault and domestic violence.

Rosie’s Place is also a Redress Support Service and can support people who have been impacted by institutional child sexual abuse through all steps of the redress application process. This is from the initial enquiry, preparing applications, as well as post-application support.

Rosie’s Place offers both face-to-face and phone support and can provide outreach services within the Greater Sydney and Blue Mountains regions.

Rosie’s Place is located in the Rooty Hill area and our core counselling work covers the Blacktown Local Government Area and the Hills District.

Primary locations: Blacktown

Outreach locations: Greater Sydney areas including Blue Mountains

Phone: (02) 9625 2599

Email/online contact: info@rosiesplace.org.au

Website: http://www.rosiesplace.org.au

Operating hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Survivors & Mates Support Network (SAMSN)

SAMSN is a not-for profit charity co-founded by male survivors, for male survivors and their supporters.

SAMSN provides professional and peer support for male survivors of child sexual abuse who are considering engaging with the National Redress Scheme. SAMSN provides support through individual planned support, counselling, eight-week support groups and monthly drop-in meetings. Support at SAMSN is available before, during and after completing a National Redress Scheme application. This includes ongoing assistance after an outcome has been determined.

All male survivors of child sexual assault should know that the abuse was not their fault and that healing and recovery is possible. Regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or religion, any man, including all expressions of male gender identity, can contact SAMSN for support. All our services for survivors and supporters are free.

SAMSN is currently able to offer services to male survivors in NSW who are eligible for the National Redress Scheme. Support is available face-to-face in the Parramatta office or via telehealth.

Primary locations: Parramatta

Outreach locations: NSW

Phone: (02) 8355 3711 or 1800 472 676

Email/online contact: support@samsn.org.au

Website: www.samsn.org.au

Operating hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Peer Support Phone Line (on either of the above numbers) Tuesday and Thursday 6.00pm to 9.00pm

The Buttery

The Buttery offers free and confidential trauma-informed support to individuals and affected family members who are engaged in both Alcohol and Other Drugs services and the National Redress Scheme through face-to-face, telephone and online supports.

The Buttery can provide information about the Scheme, assistance with the application process and advocacy.

The Buttery offers face-to-face, telephone and online counselling and casework for those engaging with the Scheme.

Primary locations: Northern, Mid North Coast and Hunter Region.
Face-to-face support is offered from offices located at Binna Burra, Byron Bay, Tweed Heads, Broadwater, and Lismore

Phone: (02) 6687 1111

Email/online contact: intake@buttery.org.au

Website: http://www.buttery.org.au

Operating hours: 8.30pm to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

The Women’s Cottage

The Women’s Cottage assists women through all stages of the National Redress Scheme process. We will answer your questions about the Scheme and how to go about making an application. We can help you prepare an application or find the support you need to get ready to make an application. We can come to you or meet you at a service you already know. And we can work over the phone or online. We go at your pace and stay beside you as long as needed. Videos on our website talk more about what we offer. You are also welcome to join in groups for women going through the redress process, if interested.

The Women’s Cottage can also assist clients to access local support services before, during and after their application.

Initial contact support and referral will also be provided for men as needed.

We are strongly committed to COVID-19 safety.

Primary locations: Richmond

Outreach locations: Our service covers Parramatta to Lithgow, including the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury.
We are very flexible and can meet you at your home or a place that suits you. We can also talk on the telephone or online if you prefer that.

We can also assist women outside of this area over the phone or online.

Phone: (02) 4578 4190

Email/online contact: counsellor@womenscottage.org.au, redressproject@womenscottage.org.au, redressadmin@womenscottage.org.au.

Website: http://www.womenscottage.org.au

Operating hours: 9.30 am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday

Women’s Activities and Self-Help House (WASH House)

The WASH house is a community-based resource centre for women in the Blacktown Local Government Area. Our purpose is to reduce the impact of poverty, social disadvantage and violence in the lives of women and girls. We do this through the provision of women-centred, quality, culturally sensitive and accessible services.

We envisage a community in which women exercise equal rights, choose their own destiny and live in a safe environment for themselves and their family. We work towards realising this vision by providing information, referral, community engagement, community education, crisis counselling, domestic and family violence support services, wellbeing and inclusion programs.

Primary locations: Blacktown, Mount Druitt

Outreach locations: Outer West and Blue Mountains.
Physical location may be explored as per need and service demand.

Phone: (02) 9677 1962

Email/online contact: admin@washhouse.org.au

Website: https://www.washhouse.org.au

Operating hours: 8:30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday
Support appointments after hours may be possible where circumstances permit.