Get free help to apply

Free and confidential Redress Support Services are there to help you. These services can help you understand the Scheme, talk about feelings and guide you through the whole application process. Free, professional Redress Support Services can:

  • be someone to talk to
  • give you information about the Scheme and answer your questions
  • help you fill out an application, or actually fill out an application for you
  • help you understand your redress outcome.

These support services have been chosen because they:

  • support people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse, or other forms of trauma and
  • can provide safe and culturally appropriate support for people with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

You can contact any of these support services to get help, a list of these support services can be found on the Explore all Redress Support Services page.

Other community services have also been provided that can help you:

If you need immediate support, 24-hour telephone assistance is available through:

Words used on this page

The application is available online or by paper. You can make an application at any time between now and 30 June 2027.
A child is a person under the age of 18.
Child Sexual Abuse
Under the Scheme, child sexual abuse is when someone involves a person under the age of 18 in sexual activities that they do not understand, or that are against community standards.
An institution means an organisation, such as a school, a church, parish, mission, a club, an orphanage or Children’s Home; or government department.
Institutional Child Sexual Abuse
When the child sexual abuse occurred, for example, on the premises of an institution, or where activities of an institution took place (such as a camp), or by an official of an institution.
Redress means acknowledging harm done. The National Redress Scheme provides counselling, a direct personal response and a Redress payment.
The National Redress Scheme for people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse. See National Redress Scheme.